Sunday, December 1, 2013

South African Safari at Kruger National Park

We spent several days in South Africa at the Greater Kruger National Park at the Baobab Lodge in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve northeast of Johannesburg about 5 hours from the city.  There were 22 in our group, and we went on early morning and early evening game drives (in a 10 passenger British Land Rover, with a driver and guide.  The number of animals was impressive, e specially when many of them were food sources for others (water buffalo and kudos for  lions and leopards).  We had a fantastic time. 

Below are some pictures of various animals or scenes.  Your task is to identify the photo with the caption.   Here is the list of photos of animals we have seen,  some of which are shown below.
1.  Impala herd.  2.  Lion dinner on wildbeast.  3.  Impala and babe.  4. Water buffalo.  5. Traditional African tree.  6. Hungry  male and female lions.  7.  Baby elephants.   8. Rhinos.  9.  Whart  Hogs.   10.  Giraffe.   11.  Rare while lion.  12. Baobab tree.  13.  Hippo.  14. Male Impala.  15. Thirsty lions. 16.  Klipspringer.  Jackal.  17. Growling lion.   18. cheetahs. 19. 100's of different birds.  20 Monkey sand baboons.

More photos will be made available when we figure out how to  download them in less time.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting Settled in Zambia

Arrival at the Lusaka Airport
Following is a photo of our arrival followed by a brief tour of our 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom flat.   The airport is the largest in Zambia, and handles all the international flights. This  photo shows Sister Humpherys and Sister Orien  walking from the plane to the arrival terminal.  We are in the beginning of summer, and the temperature was about 90 degrees that afternoon.  We were met by the Mission President and his wife, and the Public Affairs missionaries that we are replacing, Elder and Sister Louthan.    They left via this terminal to return to Moab, UT on the 9th of November.
Our 2011 Toyota Corolla
 The Toyota gets us around  quite well.  Wish we had a GPS so that we could find our way back home, however.  We share a triplex with the Humanitarian missionary couple and  sister missionaries.   Elder Lyle is an avid gardener and has a beautiful garden that will feed an army.  He just planted squash, potatoes and already is harvesting carrots, cucumbers, peppers, onions, cabbage, lettuce, etc.   He is out there watering it every morning.  He is teaching the two guards how to raise a garden and they do all the heavy lifting.
We are in the center flat of three
One half of the garden plot
Master Bedroom with mosquito net in place
My Office at the apartment
We are quite comfortable.  We have the mosquito net in place during the rainy season, which is precautionary for the possibilities of mosquitoes and the spread of malaria. We have seen one mosquito so far, but it did not last too long.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Departing for Southeast Africa

Traditional Photo at MTC

Britt's photo at SLC airport
On 4 November we departed our home in Hyde Park for our new adventure in Lusaka, Zambia.  We are scheduled to be in Africa for the next 18 months serving as Public Affairs missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Our area of 
responsibilities cover the countries of Zambia, Angola, Malawi and Mozambique.

We are scheduled to go to Johannesburg, South Africa the latter part of November for Public Affairs training, which will include all the missionary couples serving in the lower half of Africa.

We report to the Area Director of Public Affairs who is located in Johannesburg.  We live in a  large two-bedroom flat that is part of a triplex.  Our neighbors  are the Humanitarian couple and 4 Sister missionaries, all from other countries within Africa.

This map shows Africa and where Zambia is located, the light blue country north of South Africa.
Zambia is about the size of the state of Texas.   There are no freeways, so it takes time to drive to various places.  We will probably drive to Malawi or the Copperbelt district in northern Zambia, but will always fly when we go to Angola and Mozambique.

We arrived from Johannesburg on South African Airlines.  When flying to the other countries, we always  go through Johannesburg.  The Lusaka airport is quite convenient to our apartment, about 20 minutes away.  
I will try to add more to our blog as we get time.  We are currently learning to drive on the left side of the road.  We have a Toyota Corolla car that we rent from the mission.  Driving is fun!